Split – Discover Dalmatia

It is often said that history repeats itself, and the events in the long and rich history of Roman Empire often prove that to be true. Many a time has it happened, that a man born in ordinary circumstance defies the odds to become an extraordinary general, or an Emperor, or yes, even a god! However, one story has never repeated in the history of Rome: once and only once has it happened that an ordinary man becomes an Emperor or Rome, the leader of the known world, and then abdicates his throne voluntarily. This was done only by Emperor Diocletian, when he chose to retire in his magnificent palace in the city of Split!

As centuries passed and as Split grew, new settlements were built around the Diocletian’s Palace, wrapping it with protective walls and towers, transforming it from Diocletian’s resting place into an open-space museum of Diocletian’s life – which it remains until this day.

This tour will lead you through the main arteries as well as secret passages of the Diocletian’s Palace, from the archaeological and admirers  point of view, with a special emphasis on the life of Diocletian: an extraordinary man whose legacy for the history of the Roman Empire greatly surpasses the physical remains of his final resting home.


Palace of Diocletian

People’s Square

Palaces of the Nobility

Renaissance and Baroque Fortifications

Intersection of 4 cultures  (Ancient Roman, Christian, Jewish and Turkish)


Initially a residence of an Emperor, the Palace became a refuge for Salona citizens, over centuries transforming into today’s city of Split.