Vid + Narona – Discover Dalmatia

The dynasty of Julio-Claudians (Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero) is the first and most famous Roman imperial dynasty. The stories of Nero singing while watching Rome burn, or of the scandalous acts of Caligula, are world famous.

It is less known, however, that the most numerous collection of statues of this family had been discovered at the archaeological locality in Vid, a small town near Metković. Today, Vid hosts an „in situ“ Archaeological museum Narona, preserving this incredible collection counting the total of 17 marble statues.

This tour will guide you through the remains of ancient Narona, recounting the lives and legacies of the Julio-Claudian imperial family. This “family reunion” is what fascinates every visitor of Museum Narona, regardless of how familiar he is with the intrinsic relationship between its members.


Colonia Iulia Narona

Archaeological Museum of Narona

Church of St Vitus

Neretva valley gastronomic specialties of eels and frogs


150km/93mi (1h 50min by car)


The village of Vid stands on the site of what was once the ancient Narona, an important travel hub, a trading center and a colony.

Archaeological Museum of Narona holds the world’s most numerous collection of statues of the members of the Roman imperial family.