Dubrovnik – Discover Dalmatia

Dubrovnik, frequently hailed as the „Pearl of the Adriatic“ is one of the few medieval city-states to fend off all aggressors. The way it was done is quite ingenious since Dubrovnik never had nor the army nor the fleet to defend its status. What it did have was a very clever and successful diplomatic service which only aimed at the prosperity and welfare of the Republic of Dubrovnik, something that was highly regarded by all of its citizens.

The most distinctive feature of Dubrovnik is probably the fact that, unlike other cities, people do not come to Dubrovnik to see anything in particular, but rather to see everything altogether.

The City’s 1, 940 m long walls, however, are its most monumental and significant landmark, unavoidable in every regard. They form a complex fortification system that had been adapted to resist contemporary means of war and modernised since the second half of the 13th century all the way through 1660.

Visiting Dubrovnik and not hearing about the history behind its monuments and the lives of its people could still be a pleasant experience, but will certainly not give you the full picture of its remarkable past.


City walls

Stradun (Placa)

Rector’s Palace

Sponza Palace

Dubrovnik Cable car


230km/143mi (1h 50min by car)

320km/ 200mi (8h 20min by catamaran)


A single law stood written above the fort gates, cherished above all others: “Freedom is not to be sold for all the treasures in the world”