Vis + Blue Cave – Discover Dalmatia

Of more than a thousand Croatian islands, Vis is perhaps the most mysterious one.

Vis served as a military base during Yugoslavia years, and as such was forbidden to civilians, especially foreigners. After the collapse of Yugoslavia, the island’s military base was decommissioned, and Vis was finally able to welcome all its visitors.

After decades of seclusion and secrecy, the island is one of the most popular, must-see destination. Vis today prides itself with pristine beaches and coves, clear blue seas and charming personality.

Among the Vis many attractions are the two main towns, both situated in well protected bays: town Vis, an agricultural and merchant center, and town Komiža, a charming fishermen’s port.

Vis also offers numerous military tours, showcasing the remains of Vis’ military past. However, by far the greatest attraction to Vis’ visitors is the Blue Cave (or Blue Grotto) on the island of Biševo, just five miles from the island Vis. The cave’s only source of natural light are the piercing blue hues created by the sunlight refracting through the seawater and reflecting off the white limestone bottom. Blue Cave is a must-see for all adventurous visitors!


The town of Komiža

The island of Biševo

Blue Grotto


65km/40mi (1h 45min by catamaran)


Selected to the top ten paradise spots in the Mediterranean

The oldest and the biggest Greek colony in the Adriatic thanks to its position and natural wealth

After the WWII housed a military base off limits for foreigners.